A Fresh Makeover for Our Tropical IPA

As the new kids on the block, it’s safe to say that we are still finding our voice. Four months have gone by since we released our first beer, Tropical IPA. It’s been an exciting time for us, despite the continued limitations of Covid-19 in Israel and abroad. And your feedback has been key to our success.

Voting on Beer

Before we brought any of our beer to market, we held a series of tasting events where participants tried different recipes and voted on their favorite. Ultimately, these were the first brews we brought to market. At Lodestone we believe in collaboration and bringing our customers what they want. We, of course, kept this concept at the center of our ethos as we moved forward.

After the release of our Tropical IPA, which features mango, tropical hops and a Beligian yeast strain, we asked you - the Lodestoners - to let us know what we could do to improve the recipe. And you did not disappoint! We received a wide range of feedback, hitting on all different aspects of the beer. Here are some of the changes we made to our second batch of Tropical IPA, which you can now find wherever Lodestone is sold:

More Mango

In the new TIPA recipe, the mango shines all throughout the beer- from the first aroma hit to the last drop of every bottle.

Better Balance

By tweaking the recipe to allow the grains, hops, yeast, and fruit to each sit in an assigned place around the table, no one ingredient overpowers the others. We also allowed the TIPA more time in cold conditioning to force the flavors to mellow out and come together. This also allows for more stability inside the bottle as the beer ages.

Stability & Easy Drinking

One tidbit that we took to heart from you, the Lodestoners, was that the first batch of the Tropical IPA was slightly over-carbonated. By allowing for a longer conditioning time, we were able to prevent secondary fermentation in the bottle, stabilizing flavors over time without having to result to the almighty killer of flavors, pasteurization.

Give the new recipe a try and let us know what you think on Untappd, Instagram, and Facebook!

Lodestone beer is available for home delivery at the LodeSTORE and a variety of liquor store, bars, restaurants, and convenience stores across Israel

L’chaim Lodestoners!

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