Food & Beer Pairings We Love: Peach Tree Blonde

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

Peach Tree Blonde gives us an opportunity to pair the beer with lighter entrees like chicken and fish. Light body and a crisp finish within the beer allow us to pair this blonde ale with everyday meals, while the peach addition provides an added layer of seasonal intrigue.

Asian Salmon Salad- Leafy greens, thin rice noodles, green onions, and baked salmon provide the base for a fresh, seasonal salad that is supported by a refreshing PTB to wash it all down. We often see a ginger and soy based dressing used on this asian-western hybrid dish that is commonly found in cafes across Israel. You can even add fresh peaches when they are in season. While it might seem counter-intuitive to enjoy a beer with a salad, this is actually a great way to eat right while enjoying the simple things in life. The pairing here is based on mutual flavors that play well together.

Roast Chicken- The browning and crispness on the outside of a perfectly roast chicken are a result of something called the mallard effect. We utilize this same effect in the malting and toasting of the barley that goes into PTB. As an easy to execute and difficult to screw up family meal, a good ol' roasted chicken reflects the character and intention behind the Peach Tree Blonde- it's easy drinking and goes, not for complexity, but for balance. This pairing is wonderful for summer Shabbat meals as well.

Peach Sorbet- There are different principles to pay attention to when pairing food and beer. We can create contrasting flavors, complimentary flavors, use the pairing as a palate cleanser, and strive to create balance. This is a perfect example of a delightful complimentary pairing. We have the shared flavor of peach, of course, but we also have a dance of textures as well. Sorbet, smooth and creamy, is excellently supported by the fizzy carbonation of the Peach Tree Blonde. As Israel's summer weather begins to reach its peak, I love this pairing for kicking back at the end of the day checking out the changing colors of a sunset from my Corona friendly mirpeset.

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